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The name SELCAM stands for "SELling CAM” (CAM=Computer Aided Manufacturing), as this used to be the main business in the formative years of our company. However, over the course of time we expanded our product range to suit the needs of all our customers and eventually built up our present portfolio of machines, material as well as production services.


All customers have specific needs that our team of professionals will try to solve as fast and precise as possible, every day.


Furthermore, together with you - our customer - we aim at realizing our goals of providing the latest information and being a company that customers can rely on for a mutual benefit.


Our Business


From the day of the machine installation our relationship with the customer begins to deepen. Wether it is follow-up
service, the development of custom-made products for specific requirements or simple recommendations, we always focus on supporting your business.
All of our sales staff is familiar with software,hardware and computers. Whenever you are facing trouble,“ Call Selcam first" is our motto.


■Large-format inkjet printers ■Laminating machines
■Sheet cutting system ■Procawin
■Cutting plotter ■Stencil system
■Sandblasting system


After going through extensive testing, all our materials have actually been adopted for use at our production site. We are confident to recommend you the most efficient media with the best cost performance on the market.


We develop products that are not available. We are making an effort to develop our own high value brands that are eco-friendly.


■Sign display materials
■Inks, media and laminate film for large-format inkjet printers
■Flags, textile printing materials
■Stencil paper
■Protective film for sandblasting
■Materials for architectural models


We help customers who are considering the implementation of machines with new business proposals and sample production. Do not hesitate to consult us for all kinds of questions you may have.
We offer the solution for customaer with years of our experience and know-how.


■System solution
■Technical solution
■Reserch and development
■Production support

■Head Office
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■Tokyo Office
7-22-17-9F,TOC Building,Nishigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0031 →Google Map
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